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11 August 2014 @ 03:49 pm
Hi everyone!
I decided it's time to write in at least one post of presentation in my livejournal, since it's more than two years that I have this account XD

So... My name is Sofia and I am from Italy
I'm a desperate Arashist since 2011 and an insane Eighter since 2012
Uh, and I am an hidden chankapaana u.u
Recently Jasmine ♥ and A.B.C-Z's lover ♥
(seriously guys.... Johnny's are too much... a lethal drug o.o)

As I try to find him, I don't have any ichiban between Arashi. I really respect and love them equally ❤ I have only periodic infatuations lol
Between Eito... I'm totally in love with that little sweet blue smurf

I love all the existing pairings. Let's spread love, guys!

Anyhow... always fair to:
Yasuba ~ Juntoshi